Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tavalode Man (My Birthday) - Part 1

According to Iranian culture, Birthday guy or gal have to invite their friends for birthday party or birthday treat. I am so worried cause my house do not have a proper furniture for them to seat so I asked Nastaran if I could borrow her house for the party. Haha. But then Nastaran told that she will organize for me. I was like wow.. And thank to her for organizing for me. I don't know what to say besides thank you.

Busy choosing pizzas. Sheila commented in the FB that if you guys can put in your effort in your studies, it is khob (good). Haha..

Passing the balloon around so that everyone can write the wish.

Balloon Wishes. Mersi for the wishes guys~~ Love it Love it.

Shasha appears to be Sheila's cousin. The world is small. I believe.

Friends Potrait 1

Friends Potrait 2

Domino; Birthday Lunch.

My buddy guys; Kamran, Ali, Reza.

CC, Shasha, Sheila, Nastaran, Maraneh and me.

Maraneh feed me a spoon of birthday cake. This is Indian tradision where the frens have to feed the Birthday boy or gal.

Sheila, Nastaran, Maraneh and me.

Gift from Sheila.

Gift from Nastaran.

Gift from Maraneh.

Gift from Kamran, Ali and Reza.

Glad you guys did not blame me cause I did not knew that I need to give a kiss and hug as a thanks for organizing the birthday till my sister told me so. I was like OPPSSS... I don't know cause it's two different culture. So I have to text all of them apologize and thanks for everything today. I'm really enjoy my dear friendss.. Mersiiii for the giftssss tooo... XOXO

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