Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tavalode Man (My Birthday) - Part 2

Well, CC informed me that we are going to have dinner at Shasha place but I have to dress nice. I was like huh? I planned to wear t-shirt and shorts. CC was like in shock; OMG, how can you dress like that? People organize Birthday dinner for you. Wear nice!. I was like Ooooo. Ok.. The dinner start at 10pm.

My balloon wishes.

Me, CC, Shasha and Aza ( if Im not mistaken about her name)

In Shasha's house.


Beef with tomatoes. Good.

I love this. Yogurt with salad. Yummy~

Does this dish look like curry chicken?? It is tomato chicken. I love the gravy so muchhh. Perfect~

Rice Cake unfortunately, the brown is too hard. As I know they add oil in the rice cooker and cook it.

Chocolate Brownies. It's delicious. According to Iranian tradition, when the knife pass around to you, you have to dance. It takes turn whoever took the knife till the knife pass it to the Birthday guy or gal. When Aza dance, my eye stared like a pervert guy looking at this bloody hot lady's body. Same goes to Loshini. Loshini and me was like wow, what a sexy dance she had danced that night. 

CC and me.

OMG, my dark circle around my eye soo deep. Yes, I am so tired yet I'm enjoy the night of my Birthday.

 Feeding session.

Shasha helping me to do pedicure and medicure. Mersiii Shasha for awesome dinner, cakes and, pedicure and medicure. Thanks to CC, Loshini and Aza too.. Thank you so much.


Amirhossein Heidarian said...
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Amirhossein Heidarian said...

good it is around 1:30 that i leave this message. i saw foods and now i'm very hungry. very nice birthday with delicious foods.
best wishes for angieeeeee.

~@nGeL~ said...

Mersi Kavehhhhh...