Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 1 - Beijing to Jinan

Here I come, China. Again!! Haha, I just went there in the month of March. This time is company trip. Dad employee also followed; Uncle James, Nam and Hong. Flight is about six hours to reach the destination. Upon arrival, transfer to Beijing Train Station to JiNan which need three hours to reach JiNan.

Took KLIA Transit to KLIA.

Beijing Train Station. 

Lunch. Not a good food. Oily, Oily, Oily. Ewwww, terrible oily!!

Banners of Beijing Train Station, Shanghai Airport, Beijing Airport etc.

The crowd.

You can imagine how crowded will it be especially during CNY. Everyone waiting for train to get back to hometown. Every year news (CCTV) reported tickets are sold out, how crowded, people are pushing to get in the train. Well, this is no different with Malaysia here especially you take trains. But it is not as worst as those China people do so. If you have a chance, try it yourself. Haha!!! 

Bullet Train ticket.

There are two types; blue and red. Blue is a front row of the coaches and Red is the normal (second row till end of the coaches). It have six coaches.

The seat is not comfortable. Straight seat.

You know wat. I hate those people. Damn noisy. Arghh. Those grandparents can't even ask their grandchild to shut up! Can't even get a good rest. Almost reach JiNan, the grandparents asked the grandchild to take a nap. WTF. Why don't you do it earlier!!

Beef rice. Had meal on train (MOT). The meat is soft, way too soft so it is not good to eat, still eatable. Haha

Reached JiNan Train Station.

JiNan is one of the country side of China. Went to Factory have a visit then proceed to TaiSan where we gonna to stay overnight.

Here we are Four Points by Sheraton.

Dad said this hotel room is small compare to JiNan which is bigggg.

A restaurant which look like ancient restaurant.

Waiter and waitress bring us to VIP room.

Cold pork with brocolli.

Cold Chili Chicken.


Cold Mix Pork.

Sauce vegetables. Nice but salty.


Chicken. Injected chicken which cause the meat soft.

Congee (Porridge) with Sea Cucumber. Love this a lot.

Pork Ribs cooked with red dates.

Scallop. Do not know how to taste what is a good and bad scallop.

Fried Fish sesrved sweet sauce. This fish is common cooking in China.

Stir Fried Broccoli.

I don't exactly know what is it. But tasted like sea cucumber.

Lala in bamboo (kind of seafood) served mantao (plain pao).


Duck tongue cooked with ginko (you will see in any Chinese dessert) and french beans.

Intestine. Overall is good although I don't like the wasabi sauce.

Fried Scallop cooked with french bean and big red bean. Tasted sweet.

This is chicken (chicken elbow) according to waitress.

Vegetables deep in bean curd sauce.

Fungus Mushroom. Just a little salty.

Vegetables with bacon.

Common soup you will find it in every restaurant. Egg soup.

After dinner, head back to hotel have a good sleep. Damn tired! Total hour to reach destination is 12hour
6hour - Flight (Reach Beijing)
1hour - to Beijing Train Station.
3hour - to JiNan
1hour - to Factory
1hour - to TaiSan (where we stayed over night)

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