Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 2 - TaiSan & QiFu

We had breakfast in the hotel 

Uncle James and Nam. 

After breakfast, proceed to Qifu where the birthplace of Confucius. It took us an hour to reach Qifu.
As you can see, cars in black colour represent company car or Government car where you can see majority on the road all black in colour.


Town of QiFu.

There are lots of historical monument and cultural relics; temple of Confucius, mansion of Confucius and cemetery of Confucius where these are included in the World Cultural Heritage.

First gate of Confucius temple; The Gate of Supreme Sage Temple. It was built in 1500 or 13th year of Ming Dynasty. Confucius temple have three gates.

Map of Confucius Temple.

Gate of Adaption to Times; Built in 1415 which is 13th year in Ming Dynasty. In1730 (Qing Dynasty), the Emperor renovated and given its present name. Originally, the name was Mencius (mean Confucius is a sage of times).

Christmas tree do actually have flower which is somehow in star shape.

Dazhong Gate; Built in Song Dynasty. It was the entrance gate of Confucius Temple in Northern Song Dynasty. It was rebuild in 13th year of Ming Dynasty.

Chenghua Tablet. It was establish in Ming Dynasty where the inscription made by Emperor Zhu Jianshen. It did its utmost extent among all the tablets of Qifu. The calligraphy was simple, dignified and yet vigorous.

This animal is a combination of dragon, snake, pig and turtle.

Saw the crack? This tombstone has fallen down so the Government patches and join the crack back.

The KuiWen Pavilion. Built in 1018 (Song Dynasty). It has the best wooden pavilions in China.

Saw Uncle Nam lying on the floor? That is how Confucius taught his children if his children disobey or whatever, his children have to kneel down on tat rough floor for a day.

Ancient door were made by woods.

Dacheng Palace. It is a major construction of the temple. It is principal palace for offering sacrifices to Confucius.

According to the tour guide, if you saw the dragon ball, touch it and wish what you want.

The Hall of Poetry and Rites. Built in Song Dynasty. The hall was named to commemorate Confucius' instructing his son, Kong Li to study poetry and rites. 

These pictures shows what Confucius did in his entire life; marriage, mothers' death, life, children and his success. That's the end of Confucius Temple.

On the way to Xiao Fei Yang (Little Lamb) had lunch.

Such a hot weather eat steamboat??

Steamboat. I love the plain soup based. 

We are going to Confucius Tomb.

Sitting in the train tour around the Tomb. According to Daddy, the tomb which have animal stone as a guards which mean they are somebody. To those who pray the tomb only allowed flower and fruits to pray them. No praying material stuff to burn, purpose is to keep the tomb surrounding safe.

The Sacrificial Hall. Built in 1494 (Ming Dynasty). It is used to hold alters of incense and announce the oration delivered to Confucius. In 1950, General Zhu De held an important military meeting.

Confucius's Tomb (551BC-479BC), Confucius was a great philosopher, educationist and founder of Confucianism. He was known as the greatest sage and teacher.

Saw the painting pictures on the wall? This painting was painted by servant. If you walk forward, you can see the less trees in the painting itself. If you walk backward, you can see more tress in the painting itself too. The concept is similar to Mona Lisa. It is amazing painting.

Back to hotel, took a bath and rest before going out for dinner and show.

Here we are. Rooftop restaurant.

Soup. I felt its like a herb drinks to me.

We have to choose what kind of food you want to eat. Well, I don't understand what they said even tough they did explain how to cooked it. So cincai la XP

Beer and can drinks.

Cold pork.

Steam pork and cabbage.

Raw vegetables with salty garlic sauce.


No idea what is it.

Corn biscuit.


Green Pepper. Chilli??

Fungus mushroom.

Stewed pork.

Fish? Such a waste they cook such a fish.

Chicken. I love this dishes a lot. I finish up all. Hahha.

Sweet Potato.

Mantao (Plain Pao)

Table full of dishes.

Done with our dinner, rush to catch the show.

It's all about Han, Song, Ming, Qing Dynasty etc.

My room (shared room with Malvis)

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