Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 3 - TaiSan to Beijing

After breakfast, went to TaiSan Train Station for train back to Beijing which need four hour. This time the train seat is much more comfortable but the bullet train is slow!!

Uncles steal some of the food from hotel. Hahahha.

Here we are Beijing Train Station.

Upon arrival, we went to Tian An Men Square and Forbidden City. Well, we went there last few month ago (March, 2011). Here's the link of the last trip.

Daddy, Me, Malvis, Uncle Hong, Uncle Nam and Uncle James.

This tower is allowed for maids to climb up to see their hometown with Queen's lead. As you know once people work in Palace, they are not allowed to go back to their hometown or go out from the Palace till they die unless they have a special privilege or honor from Queen.

Duck Restaurant. I don't know what is the restaurant name as I do not know to read it!

Uncles look tired and hungry.


Duck feet served wasabi.


Slice cucumber, sugar, garlic, spring onion and duck sauce.

Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Fried Duck Heart.

We ordered a duck; half of the duck used to cook soup and another half of the duck served on the table (eat with popiah skin)

Popiah skin.

These is the ways to eat duck meat using popiah skin.

Duck skin. 
According to the waiter, the correct way to eat duck skin is deep some sugar and eat it. I don't really like it. I prefer just eat it like that.

Duck meat.

Duck's head.

Beef. It's tender but very oily. Yuckssssss

Duck soup. Love the soup a lot. 

Duck tongue.

Prawn. Saw the oil? So oily.

Cabbage Soup.

I don't know what dish is it. As I know it is all fried.

Dessert. Dont like like it as it is too sweet.

This is the restaurant which have fifth floor. It is always full house according to the tour guide.

Here we are Orange Hotel.

I love the room concept. You can switch any lights you want.

After bath and rest for an hour, daddy, uncles, Malvis and me walk around the hotel area. Look around see got any food to eat or fruits to buy back to Malaysia.

Spotted a shop which sell 'lai mee' so we ordered 'lai mee' beef soup. It's so GOOD! slurpppp

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