Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 4 - Beijing to Malaysia

Last day in Beijing where the hotel is not provided breakfast. You need to pay for breakfast!! So daddy decided to look for breakfast at the street.


Bought some local delicacy.

End up we were here eat not-so-good breakfast where their xiao long pao, wan tan, and tao fu fa is quite funny. Their xiao long pao is dried up, wan tan just a little bit of meat and tau fu fa they added dried chilli with black sauce. Kinda not use to it cause in Malaysia we normally ate noodle or nasi lemak or oat or roti canai as breakfast which is quite fulling to fill in the stomach.

After breakfast, went to Xiu Che Street where you can do shopping for imitation branded, technologies and cloths.

Daddy, Uncle Hong and Uncle James. 

Uncle James bought some GPS stuff, Uncle Nam bought I Phone cover and Uncle Hong bought fake I Phone 32memory with memory card provided which is only 250remibi (China note). Damn cheap. Malvis bought cloths. Dad and me bought nth.

We are at Polesta, Taiwanese restaurant.

Beef rice, cold noodle, and noodle (the noodle are too soft). Not really good but still eatable.

After chilling out at the cafe, we headed back to hotel and pack our luggage. Needed one and half hour to reach the airport too. I'm so piss off with those China people work. Slow and day dreaming. So tired of lining up those long queue even though there are ten counters. Guess what? Their pc jam. Can you believe it?? PC jam and yet they are using monitor. In fact check in it takes only few minutes. This OMG. Terrible slow man!!

Business Class.

Who want orange juice and apple juice?

Uncle Nam and Uncle James.

Uncle Hong and Malvis.

Given video to watch, movies, tv series, music, documentary and music video.

Watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. A good movie indeed.

Satay as tit-bits.

Starter and champagne drink.

Main Course. Fish served with steamed vegetables and rice.

Main course. Gong bao chicken served with steamed vegetables and rice.


What a full dinner I had on plane. Haha. After two or three hour, they served refreshment and waters. But I did not joined coz I wanna to get some sleep. Trying hard to sleep coz of the noise that played by China men. I can't stand it and ask them can you kindly lower down the volume. Thanks. Then I can able to get some sleep. That's the end of the journey from JiNan and Beijing.

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