Saturday, August 6, 2011

Naughty Part 3

It's been sometimes I did not see Naughty. When my sis told me, Naughty have changed. I was wondering in what way that Naughty have changed? So during the dinner, my sis showed the picture of Naughty. I was like yeew, my brother 'OMG'. A total change of Naughty. I can't recognize it was Naughty even tough Naughty is beside me. With fur Naughty look like a female, without fur Naughty look like a total male. He is male actually.

Before                                    After

 He loves to lick at people's ear. Showed he wanna to play with you.

 OMG, he's so adorable. Naughty love to sleep on the pillow and covered with warm blanket.

Licked his little paws.

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