Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reach Out Malaysia

Been busy recently. Yup, this semester kinda busier compare to last semester. Participate in volunteer-ing which is a charity work, part of group assignment. A big group assignment. Lecturer told to appoint two leaders; local (me) and international (Maraneh). During the first meeting, it was so mess. Everyone was so defensive on their decision, cant have a proper deal, maybe I'm suck at controlling or dealing with people. In the end, we had concluded to work out with Reach Out Malaysia (ROM). ROM distribute food to homeless people or street people and bring them back into society where they have been neglected. Check their website: Reach Out Malaysia (ROM). Our first visit to ROM where is located at Damansara Uptown opposite OCBC Bank is a housing area. There are six of us join the visit; Ali, Shila, Maraneh, Haniyah (Maraneh's sis), Jamal and Lina.


Books for sales.


Reach Out logo.

Lina introduced us to Datin Seri, An, Jaja and others volunteer work. So we were assigned to pack the foods. We packed three places; Bus Stand Klang (Nasi Lemak, Water, Roti Boy, Orange and Heat Cream), Pudu (Nasi Lemak, Water, Roti Boy, Orange and Heat Cream) and Midnight Run (Water, Hi5 bun, Orange and Heat Cream).

After packed the food, we had our lunch and there are rules on the table 'Clear the food.' They cooked Nasi Brirani, lamb, cupcakes and kuih. Maraneh told me it was her first time wash bowls and plates. I was like oops. Sorry, guys. At 5pm, we were given a brief about the ROM and the places we were going; Pudu (mainly is Chinese) and Pasar Seni (mainly are mix). We were going separately, Me, Shila, Jamal and Ali went to Pudu while Lina, Maraneh and Haniyah went to Bus Stand Klang.

At Pudu where we called number and gave them the food.

At Bus Stand Klang where homeless or street people lined up to get food.

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