Sunday, August 7, 2011

Volunteer Work, Masjid Jamek

After class, we get prepared to go Masjid Jamek Mosque to work as volunteer. Yup, considered to go there every week as we have to collaborate with ROM. Punctual punctual punctual! I just can't believe, we have waited for others as in like 30 - 40minutes?? Sighh.. We had to reached there before 10.45pm. This event ROM collaborate with JAWI which provide them food and movie screening. Funny part is some of my course mate asked me 'what time can I go back' , 'why are we doing these' in front of Datin Seri who is the founder of ROM. I am so awkward! Why you guys asked these kind of question? I know some of them never seen or work in any charity event before. Some of them do tell me it is their first time doing this charity.

Prepared snack for homeless or street people to eat while watching movie.

An explained about the Jawi collaboration.

Discussed what we need to do etc.

Helped to clean up the mess and rolled the mats.

Before ended the event, they prayed for blessing and took a shoot.

Had MCD as our dinner. 

Saw?? Kamran tried to eat my burger!! :P

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