Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Volunteer Work, Masjid Jamek - Part 2

I did charity stuff with my dad before but not homeless. ROM is an eye opener to me. It really do. Before we enter the mosque, gals have to cover their head with scarf. According to Ann, it's mosque rule during fasting month. Before get to helped, we were given a brief on what to do by Ann.

Me in scarf suddenly my friends become paparazzi and snap a pictures of me wearing scarf.

Drinks booth.

The menu of the food are: Chicken Curry Potato, White Rice, Vegetables, Shrimp Paste Sambal, Ulam (local vegetable), Fish Crackers, Fruits, Biscuit or Bread, and drinks.

Kurma aka Red Dates.

Main course and dessert.

Ali, Jamal, Sheila and Haniyah (Maraneh's sister)

I did approach to homeless people, asked how's your day and how's the food? Apparently, I'm surprised to heard that they talked to me in English. He is Prof (I forgot his name). He talks about politics, Osama etc from A-Z. I was impressed. He did told me last time he don't have home then he came to the Masjid Jamek for food so that he get energy to work and now he is success. Before I asked him why do you come here, he told me even though I have home to stay I still come here to join the crowd and here is more merry. Others homeless people were so grateful and thank to me for the delicious food and they smile, and you automatically smile from your heart. As usual, we pray for blessing before the event ended. After that head to Padi, Cyberjaya for dinner. HUNGRY, man!!!!

Foad love seafood fried rice.

Alis' portion.

Jamals' portion.

Kamrans' portion.

Mine.. That night I had gastric attack. That's a night of volunteer work.

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