Thursday, March 29, 2012

Iranian New Year

Iranian New Year is known as Noruz which is the first day of the spring began. Noruz is the biggest celebration of the year compare to Eid Moborak. Actually applied to every race and culture. There will be an auspicious celebration before the festive season. My housemate, Roni told me during the Noruz there will be seven item start with letter "S". These seven items are Seeb (Apple), Sabze (Green Grass), Serke (Vinegar), Samanoo (Meal made of wheat), Senjed (Berry), Sekke (Coin) and Seer (Garlic). Sometimes, Seer can replace with Somagh (Iranian spice). The seven items of "S" bring a reminder as seventh feast of creation where they develop into new growth symbolized resurrection and eternal life to come. Candles symbolized fire. In ancient time, each items corresponded to one of the seven creations and the seven items known as holy immortals to protect them.

During the New Year, people hug and kiss each other. Elder give younger presents normally in cash, coins or gold coins. Also Iranian will prepare Sabzi Polo Mahi (Rice cooked with fresh herbs served with fried fish) and Koukou Sabzi (mixture of fresh herbs with fried eggs) on the night before New Year. On the New Year day itself, Reshteh Polo (rice and noodle) are served. Most of the colourful feasts are prepared.

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