Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Dad was craving for Japanese food, so we stopped by at Kuriya Japanese Restaurant since we are at the near by.

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant

Appetizer; Cool Fried Salmon

Appetizer; Peas, Watermelon served with salmon and salad as topping.

Steamed Taufu.

Cha Soba with tempura set.

Sashimi and tempura set.

Unagi rice in pimping hot stone bowl. The best Unagi rice I ever had. Unagi sauce in the hot rice and the aroma melt in your mouth. Superb delicious~

Address: T2, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285 Jalan Maarof. Taman Bukit Bandaraya. 5900 KL.
Telephone: 03-20939242

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