Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home Made Pizza

Home Made Pizza baked or cooked by me.

At first I thought Pizza must be baked through an oven or wood fired pizza (it's a hardwood fire in an Italian brick oven) till I saw a TV channel about cooking. She taught how to cooked pizza using frying pan. I told my mom that I'm going to cook for you, she replied I'm not gonna be your genuine pig.

1Canned of Button Mushroom
3 Sausages
A pack of Mozzarella Cheese
A pack of Pizza Topping Cheese
Pizza Bread (bought from Jusco)
Pizza Tomato Sauce (Came with a package in Pizza Bread)

Cut the tomato, button mushroom and sausages into slices.
Boil the button mushroom till the mushroom floated (it's cooked)
Stir fried the sausages (don't over cooked)
Reheat the Pizza Tomato Sauce.

- Heat up the frying pan and put a teaspoon of butter.
- Put the Pizza Bread in the frying pan. Flip the Pizza Bread every 2seconds to make sure the Pizza Bread is hot. Make sure the heat is low.
- First, put the Pizza Tomato Sauce on the Pizza Bread then Mozzarella Cheese (If you are cheese lover, you can put how much you wanted).
- Second, place the slice of button mushroom, sausages and tomato on the Pizza Bread.
- Put some butter on the side and beneath of Pizza Bread to avoid burnt.
- Lastly, Pizza Topping Cheese placed on top of the ingredient.
- Cover the frying pan to allow the cheese melt.
If you afraid the beneath of the Pizza Bread got burnt, placed it in microwave for a minute.

-Good Luck-

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