Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pizza Pizza (new Menu), Cyberjaya - Revisit

It's been a while I did not dine in here. PIZZA PIZZA have change a lot. Their menu is expand and lots of varieties to choose especially pizza. Most of the customer dine in or call to order their pizza. 

Chicken Lover; Smoked Chicken, Sherrede Chicken, Mushroom, Capsicum and Cheese.

It's a lot of varieties till I need to take time which pizza should I order. So I order Chicken Lover. It has a strong aroma of chicken and mushroom. The pizza is tempting especially filling with cheese. Oh my, I can't resist it. 

Pizza Menu.

Check out the others new pizza. Sorry for the blurry picture. You can call to ask what Pizza they do have it.

Address: No 42-G, Block F, Neocyber, Lingkaran, Cyberpoint Barat. 63000 Cyberjaya.
You may call for delivery service: 03-83193230 / 03-83193231 (FREE DELIVERY SERVICE)

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lakshman said...

Please update the menu in clear way...