Monday, July 15, 2013

Dash Berlin World Tour Concert, Sepang International Circuit

I never been to concert before. So this is my first time going there and it's Dash Berlin (15th June 2013)!. Got this tickets for Jay and Jaz. I'm so exicted! Yea~ It started at 5pm till 1am. 1pm 5pm is the opening for the concert, something like warm up. Dash Berlin started to play at 8pm till 12am. 12am till 1am is the closing played by Lisa Lashes. It was a awesome rave party. And you can see many things happened right in front of you and somehow I met a new 'friend'. I enjoyed the songs. It was expected rave party but to me so so. Well, once in a lifetime, should enjoy!

One of the songs played during Dash Berlin concert.

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