Sunday, September 15, 2013

Turkey - Day 6 Cappadocia

Our first destination of day 6 is taking hot-air balloon. Unfortunately due to the bad weather (raining), Ali had to change it to the next day.

Ais was produced when the weather changed (very windy and rainning)

Next destination: Pigeon Valley. Here's the pigeon valley and and we are at the foot of Uchisar Castle. Behind us, there is a tree hanging the blue eyes (Turkish famous souvenir) and the tree called as The Blue Eyes Tree.

Next destination: Ice-cream valley. You will be able to see the shape of ice-cream only when the snows falled.

Next destination: Kaymakli Underground City. It was an incredible underground city lived by early Christians secretly survived. Kaymakli Underground City is organised, structured and comprehensive living. This tour take two hours. It has 8storey and 5,000 peoples can live in it. The deepest visit is 20 meters. The great part of this Kaymakli Underground City was built a main ventilation chimney. This staying was crowded just for temporary housing to avoid armies killing Christian peoples during Islamic. There are rooms, halls (connecting to each other), wine tanks, water cistern, kitchen, food stores, water wells, churches, ventilation, graveyards, and a lock stones to avoid any danger from out.
First floor is for animal shelter. Second floor is a church with two abscissa. This floor has a big lock stone for close passing. Third floor has a large and spacious where they used for food store to keep wine, wheat and flour.

Next destination: Lunch in a cave. It was cool inside the cave restaurant.

Vegetables Soup


Humus, Salad and Mix vegetables.

Cheese. I love this a lot

Beef. Nice dish but the portion is small.

Next destination: Goreme Open Air Museum. It's in the cave and full of unique carving pictures on the wall. This museum was acknowledged as the finest rock-cut churches with colourful wall paintings (the colours still retain their originality). Goreme Open Air Museum is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 1984. There are six churches in the Goreme Open Air Museum:
1- St.Barbara Church: - The decorations were painted in red. The decorations are geometrical patterns, mythological animals, military symbols.
2- Apple (Emali) Church: -  Bibles, life of Christ, Hospitality of Abraham and Three Hebrew Younths stories are written on the wall and ceilings.
3- Snake (Yilanli) Church: -  You can see image of Christ with a book in his hand, Emperor Constantine and Helena was beside.
4- Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise): - The entrance is from the north through the winding tunnel. There are three graves (two big and one small) at the South of the narthex.
5- Carikli (Scandals) Church: - Life of Jesus, Hospitality of Abraham, images of the saints and the donors of the church. There is a footprints under the Ascension which give the church name. The center dome picture a Jesus.
6- Buckle (Tokali) church: - This church is decorated with Christ childhood. yet the colour is still preserved and retain their originality.

Next destination: Urgup. Ali realized the weather was good so he decided to bring us to sit hot air-balloon. After 15 - 20minutes Ali discuss with the management, the management scheduled us on the next day. So Ali brought us to Urgup for sightseeing. It was a beautiful sightseeing, beautiful view.

The spectacular view

Next destination: Night life. Place where you can watch belly dance and folkloric show.

Turkish Wine

Turkish Beer: EFES

Turkish Vodka: Raki.
Ali told how to served Raki. Pour bit Raki in the glass then add mineral water. Do not pour lots of Raki because this Raki is too strong. After you sip Raki, eat peanunts so that your throat will not get hurt and sore. Since I'm allergic to peanunts, I have to drink bit by bit. You can felt your throat is dry, hurt and sore.

Selma Dance. It's a Turkish religious dance.

The dancers dance gracefully. Indeed not easy to dance, need lots of concentration.

Sorry, for the video quality.

Everyone enjoy the night. Every dance performance, the dancers will invite or drag audiences to join the dance. 

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