Sunday, September 29, 2013

Turkey - Day 8 Ankara to Doha

Today is the last day (Day 8) in Turkey. Our last tours are Meseum of ancient Anatolian civilisations with great Hittite collection and shopping before transfer to airport.

Next destination: Museum of ancient Anatolian civilisations with great Hittite collection. This Museum has two buildings; Mahmut Pasa Bedesteni and Kursunlu Han. Bedesteni Was built by Mahmut Pasa who was the prime minister during 1464-1471. It's all about resources that pure Angora were distributed. On the other hand, Kursunlu Han was built as a core to finance Mehmet Pasa. The two buildings were abandoned after the fire in year of 1881. These museum has unique collection of how ancient stay, weapons, bowls, plates, army, coins, hunt for animal, culture, marriage, monuments and many more.

Next destination: Lunch time. We had our lunch behind train station.

Next destination: Shopping. Shopping time. Handbags and cloths are almost the same just that their make up are cheaper 10 or 20bucks.

Next destination: Airport. Reaching KL on the day 9. Overall, I enjoyed the trip especially the scenery, the breathtaking view. On things bad about here is the food portion is way too small.

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