Tuesday, October 20, 2009

YeeLian Belated Birthday

16/10/09 - YeeLian's birthday. We celebrate with her last four days. Sing K. Incredible is Vanice driving.. Haha. We knew that she is a new learner so she drive slow like a tortoise. Hehe. Head to The Curve. Sing at 1pm till 4pm..

Me, Vanice and YeeLian.

Both of us sing How Do I Live, Truly Madly Deeply, and other oldies songs while YeeLian get her stuff from Mr.Lee Jun Yi.

Then suddenly the tv screen showed Happy Birthday songs. And a waiter came in with a cake. Three of us look at each other and I'm wondering why Vanice didn't tell me got this surprise. All of us also don't knew. YeeLian receive a message from Mr.Lee Jun Yi that cake is brought by him. And a good things is he help us pay for the bill!!

Happy Belated Birthday~

Basket Robin ice Cream Cake.

We quickly eat up the ice cream part then knock off cause it's shivering.

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