Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cameron Trip

This post was about two months ago. Haha. Went to Cameron trip during Hari Raya with qigong uncle aunt. Stop by at Restoran Ngow Kee had lunch.

Mr.Janggut vegi

'Tong Poh Yuk' Of course delicious but very oily.

Steamed Pork.

Steamed Fish.

It was delicious meal. Uncle Gan recommend must give it a try. He is 'pakar makanan'. Finish our meal, uncle aunt chat for 15minutes before headed to Rose Valley.

The scent of the rose.

Sunflower. One of my favourite flowers.

Enormous carrot.

It is raw flower not fake although it does look fake.

Next day, we went to Tea farm. The road are steep and narrow. It's so dangerous. The road only one way, not two way. Each vehicle got to give way to each other, if not you gonna stuck all day. So co-operate, dude!

The Tea is so expensive. Not worth to drink it. Visitor go there just enjoy the view of the tea plantation. You can see everywhere the kids wearing pink or red cloths.. They look much a like strawberry. Haha. You can see the kids begging their parents to buy strawberry umbrella just like this kid in the pictures. She jump and cry to have the umbrella.

This kid trying to protect me from being harm. Haha. She always act fierce to my little brother.

p/s: lazy to blog~

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