Monday, November 2, 2009

Cousin's Wedding Ceremony

Stay at Bentong, Pahang for a night - Cousin brother wedding ceremony. Daddy brought us to Karak had our dinner. Signature dish is RIVER FISH.

Daddy couldn't help himself when he saw Durians.

Ice Cream Durians.

River Fish.

'Kam Heong' Sotong.


Reached grandpa house, do cleaning stuff. Of course we came here got to eat good food especially midnight supper.

One of the famous Wan Tan Mee open till night.

Midnight Supper!! 12am..

Curry Wild Boar.

Curry Kerang.

The noodle.

Daddy wanna to have more.

Next morning, had breakfast with family at hawker stall. It's a cooling Sunday morning. It is best to continue sleep.

Teh Tarik. *thumbs up*

Fish Fillet Curry Noodle which you got to queue for long time.

Beef balls and Beef nerves.

'Cen tui'.. One of the food a must to bite. Only available in the morning market.

Got red bean, peanunts etc....

We reached cousin's house at 10am and they haven't prepare yet. CC, Boy and me chilling around before we help up a bit.

Have no idea why is the pants hanging. My daddy told me that it is a tradision when younger married earlier than the eldest either they hang pants or put the hands above the bride and bridegroom when both couple walks in the house.

Curry Chicken.

Kuih Lapis.

Wedding ceremony began.

Tea Ceremony.

Dinner at 6pm but bride and bridegroom havent take their bath. Incredible I thought KL people only behave like this but in fact everyone is the same. Then we ate ice-cream to feed our stomach from being annoying. Haha.

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