Friday, August 27, 2010

MMU 11th Convocation

MMU 11th Convocation
(31.07.10, Saturday)

At last I'm graduate! I am graduated! Mum Dad, I'm graduate! Everybody, I'm graduated (Siao already). Knowledge Economics Class of 2006. All the best to the my friends and other graduates. The day before Saturday I'm very tired should be snoring like a pig but then the mosquito keep bites my face till I couldn't sleep. I just close my eye and cover my body and head with my blanket so that the mosquito would bite me again. Woke up around 5.45am. Get up in a very excited feeling(It's my day), and I dash to toilet to check out is there any love bite (mosquite bite). Haha, lucky dun have one. I brush my teeth, my face, bath, dress up, make up, and not to forgot to bring my convo robe in the car. Drank some water before start the car without breakfast. Reach Cyber at 7am accompany by CC. She drop me there then back to her Cyber house be a little piggy. It's big piggy. You can see parents, sister, brother and grandparents join the convocation. There is a big smile on each parents and graduates.

First things you got to do is activate your smart card (student card) at FIT Hall Glass then went to XR0001 where all the FOM graduates gather. Convo committee will call your numbers out and walk to the Grand Hall according to the numbers that each of us holding it. There is about 3thousand plus graduated include Dr, Master, Degree, and Diploma from Cyber and Melaka. The ceremony was late 10min's. It starts at 8.10am till 12.45pm. The ceremony is getting boring. I have stuck in the hall for 5hours without water or breakfast. I think others graduates do facing the same problem except their parents or guardian in the hall where they can get drinks or food for them. During the ceremony start, I try to FB using wireless but Fail. So I text-ing with honey. He's one of the graduates too.

Z U L, M E and B O O N E N G

Z U L and L I F U N G

M E and L I F U N G

B O O N E N G, L I F U N G, M E and A Z H A R

S I O W S E N G (My colleague) and M E

The best part of it, my mobiles' battery out of order. I got to text CC to get me a spare mobile using Zul's mobile. Honestly, I fall asleep in the hall. I'm hungry, thirsty, boring and sleepy same goes to Zul. After the speech end given by Datin Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Hj.Mohd Ali, awards ceremony going to start. You can see the graduates' pic on the screen. You can see their funny faces. I'm nervous so everybody does. Here's another best part. The best of the best. After receiving the scroll from Datin, I fell down. Can you believe? It's so hurt. My hands and legs are bruise. Luckily I was behind the big screen. If not, it's gonna to be very embarrassed. So embarrassed! Zul there giving me a help and he told others (my coursemate) I fell down. Aiksss, Zul.

After giving the scroll to the FOM graduates, Datin giving her speech. She talks about 45mins in dual languages. Kinda proud of her, she still can remember what she had said in English before translate into BM. I notice she didn't look down as where all the MC do to look at the paper. Everyone started boring and wish it couldn't end as soon as possible. 45mins end, everyone clap hands and scroll giving away to FOE graduates. I kept asking Zul what time, how many FOE graduates left. I can't wait to go out from the hall. Then here comes a black guy to perform his singing 'You raise me up'. Once he sang, everybody got stud. He sings so beautiful. The rhythm of the song are different of course from the original.

'Graduates stand up, put your right hand on your left shoulder and bow to your parents and guardians that raise you up till today.' Datin said. So we follow as what Datin said. I was thinking every parents is in the hall except mine. My mind was like why I need to bow, my parents not here. Kinda sad bit.

My Coursemate.

The ceremony ends at 12.45pm. Took a pics with my coursemates before everyone get back to their parents. It was crowded! Friends and relative stand right in front of the GrandHall with flowers, soft toys etc. Folks, you shouldn't stand in tat place to wait your friends out from the hall. It's stuck. It is very inconvenience without mobile phone. I got to borrow my friends mobile to call my dad n ask him to called CC to meet me at FIT Glass Hall. There she come. Lead me to the XR room where daddy mummy is waiting. Took few pictures. Family pictures.

The environment at MMU during convo feast.

The crowd.

D A D D Y, M U M M Y, B R O, S I S and M E


C C and M E

My lovely daddy mummy.

E D M U N D, C C and M E

A H B I R D and M E

I N O K I (My ji mui) - So miss her!!~

K A I, H O N E Y, M E, S A M U E L, I N O K I, T H E A N and C C

C C and A M B E R

L A U R A and C C

Who's the graduate so lucky received this big teddy bear.

A M B E R and M E

M E, H O N E Y, T H E A N and Y O K E L A M

K H A I R U L and M E

At last, I'm graduated.

Finish camwhore with friends and coursemate, go to had lunch with CC, Yvonne and Eric. They are hungry but I am thirsty. I just keep drink water. I drank quite lots of water. It was tiring wearing day for me and I believe others graduates tired as well.

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