Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar, Bangsar Shopping Centre - Revisit

Revisit to Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar. A sudden crave for escargot, just a snap of fingertip; Monte appear in my mind where they do have a heavy temptation craving and homely environment :) Unfortunately, I had flu on that day and which it's even worst due to the freezy cold (air-conds) environment in restaurant, it was a disaster which ruin my mood to eat.

Escargot; baked and basted in Chablis and Garlic sauce. Heaven tempting! Loving it!

Perfect to dip bread with the sauce.

Nachos; topped with chicken pieces, curry potato and a thick layer of cheese dip with either salad or cream cheesy type.

Carrot and Pumpkin Soup; Fresh creamy soup. Perfect combination soup. It's alluring.

Hot Chocolate.

Peppermint Lamb; Caramelized lamb with pepper and mint sauce on a bed of broccoli, carrots and potato.
I love the peppermint combination!

Mushroom Chicken; accompanied with herbed rice and vegetables. Not bad thou.

Cozy Environment.

Address: Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar, Bangsar Shopping Centre, F112, 1st Floor, West Wing.
Telephone: 03-20941112.

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