Monday, August 12, 2013

Turkey - Day 1 Doha to Istanbul

It was a super late post. My family and me went to Turkey during Chinese New Year eve. It was amazing trip and spectacular view you will never thought of. We took Qatar Airline from KL to Doha (7.5hours) and transit (an hour) from Doha to Istanbul (4.5hours). It is nine days seven nights in Turkey.


Transit in Doha for an hour. 

Timezone between Malaysia and Turkey is 6hours late. Jet Lag!~ We have to adapt their time (sleep and eat). On the first day, we visited the Topkapi Palace (before we had our dinner). That time was 4pm (Malaysia time 11pm) and we were starving because our dinner time usually is 7pm (Malaysia time). Welcome to TURKEY. Arrived at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul.

First day arrived at Istanbul

Tour guide, Ali brought us to Blue Mosque.

First destination: The Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque called Sultanahmet Camii (in Turkish). It is a historical mosque in Istanbul. The Blue Mosque is known because of the blue tiles surrounding the walls. It was built at the dictate of Sultan Ahmed. He was a religious minded king (became monarch at age of 14). His intense and passionate made him to decide to built a mosque. Purpose is to surpass the Ayasofya in its' glory day. The mosque started to built in 1609. It took six years to complete the great work in 1617.Sultanahmet Camii has become a tourist attraction in Istanbul. St.Sophia indeed has the greatest architectural marvels of all times.

The mosque is inspiring and impress with the structure (interior design itself). You can see the blue tiles everywhere (walls and ceilings). No shorts were allowed in the mosque. Women in short skirts are given large scarf to cover them.

The local Turkish food - bread (super hard and even can use it to hit people LOL)


Isn't it beautiful?

Next destination: St Sophia Museum. Well, this museum is the most visited and notable monuments in the world. It was famous in terms of history of architecture and known as The Eight Wonder of The World. Year of 527 - 565, during that period, the museum was built under the ordered of Emperor Justinianos. Anthemios and Isidoros are the outstanding architects (each of them had 100 architects working under them). It took five years and 10 months to finished. Later on, St.Sophia was converted into mosque for 482 years. In 1935, it converted back into a museum. Each of pillars, tiles, mosaics and so on are imported from different countries and have its' history behind it. Besides, this museum also known for the combination conquests which is mix of East and West.

Picture of Jesus

Words of Jawi

Combination of Christianity and Islam

 View of Asia landmark at Topkapi Palace.

Next destination: Topkapi Palace. Topkapi Palace was the residence of Ottoman sultans. At the beginning, Sultan Mehmed II (1460 - 1478) conqueror Constantinople and expanded upon throughout its' long history. There are collection of Topkapi Palace; Ottomon and European Silverware, European Porcelains and Glassware, Istanbul Glass and Porcelain Ware, Holy Relics Department, Weapons, Imperial Treasury, Copper and Brass Works, Chinese and Japanese Porcelains, Portraits of Sultans and Sultan's Clothes.


Dinner time. They served soup, salad, bread, main course and fruits. As you can see, their portion is so small. And on the table, there are lemon juice and olive oil to add into your salads.

Dinner Time.

Chicken Kebab served with rice.

Later on, head to Hilton Hotel for a night. That's the end of the first day journey. Iyi Geceler (Good Night).

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