Monday, August 26, 2013

Turkey - Day 3 Canakkale to Kusadasi

First destination on the 3rd day: Troy - Homer's 'Iliad' and 'Odyssey'. A famous Trojan war of homer. Troy has 4000 years of history. The utmost famous archaeological sites in the world. Spartan and Achaean warriors from Greece (13th or 12th century BC) immortalized by Homer in the Iliad which inspired a great creative artists throughout the world. Troy is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Next destination: Headed for lunch. On the way, we pass by Lesbian Island and a beach for sightseeing.

There is an island called Lesbian Island

Stopped by for a view at the beach. 

We stopped at a station; Turkish Tea, Turkish Coffee and 'Roti Canai'

Next destination: Drive to Kusadasi visited Acropolis. Acropolis is a place where you will visit temple of Trojan and the Theather. Acropolis was built on steep hill (extremely steep). The designed of city, religious, official, social and commercial buildings are found side-by-side. King of Pergamum is on top of the hill. Pergamum is known for centuries for its monuments. The ancient city is serene and there are three main parts:
The Acropolis - social and cultural
The Lower City - realm of the lower classes
The Asklepion - the earliest medical centres on record

Down the valley, there was Sactuary of Asclepius, the god of healing. People who have health problems can bathe in the water of the sacred spring. And in the patients' dreams, Asclepius might appear to tell them how to cure their illness. The temple then was built in 150 AD with the donations made to the god of health. It was decorated with colourful marble and surrounded by three sides: Asclepeion has a passage way through the center and alongside the sacred spring towards the hypnotic technique used by the priests. 

The plain Bagama is a breathtaking view.

Great architecture. I'm inspired how ancient people manage to create such a great temple.

The library was the second largest in the world with over 200,000 books. People created parchment, using calfskin when Egypt refused to export more to old Pergamum. Marc Anthony gave the library treasures to Cleopatra (Library of Alexandria), after Julius Caesar unintentionally burned down the library. Now, the library at Pergamon is just a small pile of stones.

Temple of Trajan and the steep (very steep) large Theather.

Isn't it beautiful view?

Last destination of Day 3: Famous local production leather garments. There is a live fashion show and shopping on selected items have discount. Overnight at Kusadasi.

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