Monday, September 2, 2013

Turkey - Day 4 Kusadasi to Pamukkale

Such a beautiful view in the morning.

Garden at House of Virgin Mary

Next destination: House of Virgin Mary. House of Virgin Mary located at the top hill of Mt. Coressos. According to history (Christian tradition), Apostle John brought Mary to Ephesus and lived out her days there. The history mentioned that Virgin Mary's House is strange. In 1812, Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich who is a German nun said Virgin Mary died at age of 64 and buried in a cave near her house. When her coffin was opened soon after, the coffin and burial shroud were empty and the house was then turned into a chapel.
In the House of Virgin Mary, you are not allowed to take pictures. It was a small, T shaped stone building (bedroom on the right and kitchen on the left), interior design is kept simple, an altar, pictures of Mary and candles. The spring runs under the House of Virgin Mary believed to have healing miracle (Not sure is it true but Ali said miracle reported happened). There is a strange things happen. When I got out from the House of Virgin Mary, I was down and sad. I have no idea what had happen (Indeed is true what other bloggers and tourists mentioned about it).

Next destination: Ephesus. Ephesus is the most well kept ancient city of Turkey (Seven churches of revelation, the Temple of Artemis which is seven wonders of antiquity). Population is more than 250,000 in the 1st century of BC which is the largest cities in the Mediterranean world.

I was busy taking pictures, then I saw Ali is walking towards me. He take my hand and put across his arm. I have no idea what's going on. He asked me to lift up my pant so that everyone can see my socks. He told he was busy looking for someone who is wearing Nike socks. That's me. Ali explained how Nike brand was created. The lady in the craved stone represent Nike in ancient time.

Temple of Medusa.

Temple of Medusa is one of the main attractions in Ephesus, where the famous snake-adorned head of Medusa stands. In ancient time, Medusa was a mortal.Two gods; Athena and Poseidon got her attraction by her beauty. Athena had love to Medusa but Medusa choose Poseidon. Athena used his power to turned her into ugly looking with snakes in her hair. Because of jealousy, Athena doesn't want anyone to see her, then she was petrifying everyone with her eyes. Which men look into her eyes, will turned into stone.

Public Bath. Ali demonstrated how ancient people use the public bath. It was made of marble. Rich ancient people have their own slaves. During winter season, they will asked the slave to lay on the marble toilet bowl till warm then only master do his small or big business.

Foundain in the public bath.

Library of Celsus

Gate of Augustus


Group photo.

This is how ancient people measure their size of their foot before entering a bar.

The enourmous Theather.

Next destination: Drive to Pamukkale. It is an antique city of Hierapolis Calincarous thermal spring descading over clifts created fascinating travertime in form of white terrace and bassins known as Cotton Castle on Pamukkale.

Beautiful sunset

Next destination: Local product. A place where you can buy Turkish delight, olive oil, olive lotion, olive shampoo, Turkish tea, Turkish coffee and many more.

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