Monday, October 28, 2013

My Master Commencement

My day finally has come - My Master Commencement Class of 2013. This time commencement ceremony separated into two section; morning and afternoon for Saturday and Sunday. Mine is on the Saturday morning. My family are not in the hall with me. They came after the commencement ceremony ends. Alone again. Understood why they didn't came - it's a boring ceremony.

Alireza from MBA, FOM and me from MKM, FCM

At the first look, he somehow look like the Italian judge from Masterchef named Joe Bastianich. Damn look alike. I told him you do really look alike Joe Bastianich. He laughed.

Ben and Nian Chee, thanks for coming. 
Really grateful you guys came to my commencement ceremony.

Vivian also celebrating her bachelor commencement. 
See the different of the robe? Mine is master robe (a strip of line at the end of the hand length) and Vivian's one is bachelor robe.

Jess thanks for coming. I appreciate a lot that you came. Jess just got back from business trip in Philippine a day before my commencement and she had fall sick for 3weeks plus.

My parents and siblings. Thanks for the support and everything. Love ya.

Well, my lifelong learning doesn't end up here. Gonna further the next step (PHD). I guess in within two years from now or maybe. I'm grateful that my hardwork has paid off.

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